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Leila Min Lebnen
February 23, 2017, 10:35 am

This restaurant is a blend of old and new, of pure tradition and modern comforts; an innovative concept of an upscale Lebanese dining restaurant. Leila acknowledges the goodness that has come from the hands of Lebanese women and seeks to offer the same delicacies from mezze to salads to fresh pastries and barbecued meat, all char-grilled to perfection and seasoned with exceptional spices to a create a taste that is exclusively Leila. The honest approach to food is beautifully simple, focusing on the integrity of the ingredients, their freshness and the aromatic strength of their flavors. Step in and be an honored guest for a few hours, and let your taste buds celebrate with mouthwatering dishes and enjoy the Lebanese warmth and hospitality at Leila’s Restaurant.

Popular dish: Kabab Diwaniya

Location: 1st Avenue – The Avenues (2259 7430), Salhiya Plaza (2299 6414) and opening soon at The Cube on Salmiya’s Salem Al Mubarak Street.

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