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Leggings tips
February 13, 2017, 7:57 pm

Given their form-fitting silhouette, it is safe to say leggings come with a set of rules that exceeds those of other articles of clothing. But given how comfortable and cool leggings have the potential of being, you should consider putting in a little extra thought into your overall look.

To achieve the most modern edge when styling with leggings, there are certain pairings that work well when donning the athleisure staple. Read on to find out some tips for wearing leggings.

Don’t stick to black, explore your options: The legging trend is not all boring dark colors, check out the microtrends like streetwear-inspired leggings, white leggings, and even treggings. The biggest trends nowadays are black and white, nature-inspired prints, pastel shades and prints. To ensure that you are ahead, stock up on a cool, eclectic mix of styles.

Skip the bodysuits for simple pairings:  Bodysuits and leggings are not a good combo. Instead, you should choose simple items, and play the layering game like a pro, toss on a tank top or tee for a chic getup. You can dial up the cool factor by expanding your selection to graphic or vibrant printed t-shirts.

Don’t wear fancy blouses with leggings, go for outwear: Although it is true that leggings can be dressed up or down, they are essentially an athleisure piece, making a fancy going-out top a poor choice. Instead, opt for an interesting outerwear piece such as a duster jacket, denim jacket, bomber jacket, or leather jacket.

Or if you do want to go fancy, let the leggings do the work, specifically shimmery leggings are oh so alluring. Take the unexpected route with a plaid denim shirt or similarly suitable button-down (the bohemian-meets-disco-diva thing totally works), then look to eclectic add-ons to pull it all together.

Heels and flip-flops are a no, but sneakers, loafers, or flat boots are best: Leggings are greatly suited for flat shoes as heels can make them look a little too try-hard while flip-flops look sloppy. It doesn't mean you should only stick to sneakers, attempt a new style in a whole range of flat shoes such as loafers, ballet flats and flat ankle shoes. Even over-the-knee boots is a safe option.  To elaborate, printed leggings can seriously hold their own when worn with a bright sweater and menswear-inspired kicks, then add on a few personality-packed accessories for a look that is on-trend.

Dresses or skirts are old school, an oversize sweater or sweatshirt makes for a great ensemble: Dresses and skirts over leggings used to be the popular look in the mid-2000s, it is over now. This time around, if it is coverage you are seeking, a long, oversize sweater or sweatshirt in a head-turning hue will become your next winter wardrobe workhorse.

Excessive bling is over the top, subtle jewelry adds the right shine: Just as going-out tops are too fancy for athleisure, statement jewelry will also look odd with leggings. If you feel naked without jewelry, stick with subtle, delicate pieces.


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