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Leftover nail stickers
May 18, 2014, 11:11 am

No bubbles, no chips, no polish all over finger tips, nail stickers are the saving grace for nail perfectionists everywhere. But most sticker sets come with 18 appliques, which forces us to get creative with leftovers.

Stripes: Start by applying a base color of white as it shows off the stickers. Then, cut strips of the nail stickers vertically to your desired thickness and arrange the strips as you please on the dry white base. Finish by applying a clear top coat.

Cut out: Paint on the base coat and then add two coats of white lacquer. Keep your layers thin so the polish can dry quickly. Dig out your scrapbooking supplies and put that decorative hole punch to good use. Punch a nail stick, place it on the nail, et voilá you’ve found the perfect accent to your manicure. Apply the top coat to seal the look.

French Tips: Nail stickers are the best way to upgrade your basic French manicure. Paint two coats of the base color with a layer of pale pink polish over white polish. Allow to dry. Just cut the top off of a sticker, press it onto the nail, and file off the excess. Finish with top coat for extra shine.

Color Block: Prep nails by applying a base coat and allow it to dry completely. Pick four different bright nail stickers like orange, pink and red. Cut them into small triangles.   Carefully adjust the sticker pieces so each nail has multiple side-slash of your accent color. Place the stickers in diagonal lines so they intersect each other artistically. Finish off with a top coat.

Stained Glass: Start by applying a base coat and letting it dry. Cut up different types of nail stickers, creating sharp angles and triangles. Place them in a bowl. Once you brush a dash of glue on your nails, dip them in the bowl and make sure the nail stickers are attached neatly and smoothly. Add a clear top coat to smoothen the edges and lines, and to give your nail art some protection.

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