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Le Sushi Bar
January 21, 2015, 1:34 pm

Food: Crème del la crème of Japanese dining, extensively varied menu, from small plates, on ice selections, kitchen specialties, Ura Maki heaven that promises a rich blend of innovative maki rolls, Temakis, special sushi’s and mouthwatering sashimis.

Atmosphere: Sit at the Sushi Bar or observe talented chefs prepare mouthwatering Maki rolls. In the rustic lounge seats set in shades of auburn and deep mahogany brown, Le Sushi Bar emanates with comforting warmth that makes you feel instantly comfortable, calmly expecting an orchestrated production of flavors to ensue.

Best Bite: Maki rolls, namely Ark Shell Ura Maki and Salmon Crispy Ura Maki are innovative blends of textures on wraps, unlike anything you sampled before.

Best Bit: Live Jazz Trio Band every Tuesday. Tuna, called Little Tunny, all the way from the Mediterranean Sea; Enormous choice and superfast service.

Where: Al Hamra Luxury Center, Sharq | 22270300, 22212016



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