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Le Notre – French paradise in Kuwait
November 22, 2015, 11:49 am

Since its official inauguration in Kuwait in 1998, Le Notre has been a home away from home for many people in the country. Le Notre is one of the few restaurants in Kuwait to offer a truly great French fine dining experience.  Encapsulating French elegance, the space is light and airy, with a décor reminiscent of the 1950’s.

A popular spot for those looking for classy yet affordable dining experience, this restaurant is divided into two levels. The ground floor is more of a casual area, while the chic top level provides for a more spectacular evening. Under the supervision and culinary direction of Chef SamaanHilal, expect to be provided with the finest in contemporary French gastronomy coupled with Middle Eastern twists, alongside your favorite classics.

When you flip through the menu you will realizethat the idea of the menu is ‘sharing’, where you are supposed to order as many dishes as possible and share while having a few bites of each. There are plenty of trendy super-food items on the different dishes; fans of kale and quinoa will have a hard time deciding on what to order and tasting the new dishes will be an adventure of its own.

You can start off with the delicious bread basket that is in the shape of a little paper boat with a tart green olive tapenade and a small butter disc. For soups, their refreshing pumpkin quiona is a must have. The flavors serve to tease thepalate andprepare you for the next dish. On salads, you can try the beetrootedamameand chicken caesar salad served alongside a shot of honey vinaigrette. The salad’s presentation is artful and the added touch of crumbled edible rose petals in the beetroot edamame,elevates the garden fresh flavors of this dish to a whole new level.

For the main dish, you can delve right into the beautiful carre pasta, prepared in-house with the oversized pieces of ravioli, stuffed with green asparagus and a mélange of goat cheese and parmesan cheese. The perfect complement to this dish includes the crusted rack of lamb, prepared to pink perfection that you can mix with pasta, resulting in a beyond spectacular feel.Theslow roast chicken, presented in a rustic, deep copper pot, is marinated for at least 24 hours and slowly cooked until the meat succulently falls off the bone.

Dessert is also a tantalizing treat at Le Notre, especially if you are wishing to channel an authentic Parisian experience with the Apple Tatin.Imagine yourself digging your fork into this expertly prepared tart with vanilla sauce and caramel cream. The classic Tatin, given the Le Notre treatment, is a freshly whipped and touched meringue that compliments the tartness of the apple pieces. For a lighter dessert option, you can pair your favorite coffee with a small selection of homemade Le Notre chocolates, as these little dainty bites of goodness offer the right amount of sweetness without being too rich.

Le Notre Restaurant is located on the Gulf Road, by the Kuwait Towers. Other locations include, Al Fanar Complex, Marina Mall, The Avenues and 360 Mall. For restaurant reservations or more information call, 1805050 or 99333100 or visit,

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