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Lawmaker calls for more efforts to combat terrorism
October 30, 2014, 8:27 am
Deputy Speaker of National Assembly and Member of Arab Parliament Mubarak Al-Khurainej

Deputy Speaker of Kuwait's National Assembly and a Member of Arab Parliament Mubarak Al-Khurainej called Wednesday for doubling efforts to confront terrorism which threatens the security and stability of the Arab region.

Speaking to KUNA on the sidelines of a seminar on the Arab national security at the headquarters of the Arab League, Al-Khurainej said the terrorist attacks in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya require swift and collective response by the Arab countries.

On the seminar the Kuwaiti MP said it will result in "several recommendations for addressing the serious challenges and changes facing us." Al-Khurainej noted that discussion in the seminar also focused on a number of political, military, security, and cultural issues, including education and poverty, stressing importance on the lectures that are provided during the seminar.

He praised the Arab Parliament's Political and Foreign Affairs Committee and the National Security Committee for their participation in all meetings and seminars organized by the Arab League, especially those relating to national security.

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