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Law affects those consuming alcohol in public and driving; Can do it at home
June 19, 2017, 10:08 am

Member of the National Assembly Committee on Negative Phenomenon Dr. Waleed Al- Tabtabaei commented on the verdict of the Cassation Court that said “alcohol consumption is not punishable by law”.

He stressed the statement is not true since many laws forbid alcohol consumption in the country, citing law that forbids driving under the influence of alcohol.

In his comment about the ruling, MP Al-Tabtabaei explained there are many laws prohibiting alcohol consumption, although “no one will interfere” with whoever consumes alcohol in the privacy of his home, indicating the law affects those who consume alcohol publicly and drive under its influence.

Dr. Al-Tabtabaei added the law does not touch a person who consumes alcohol inside his or her house and there is no legislation deficiency in that regard, given that alcohol trade is outlawed while drinking and becoming intoxicated in public while driving is also outlawed.

Meanwhile, Al-Tabtabaei revealed the two parliamentary committees — the negative phenomenon and human rights, discussed in their last meeting several issues on the work plan, noting the human rights committee endorsed the jail report.

Source: Arab Times

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