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Laudable lip liner techniques
October 6, 2016, 2:08 pm

Everybody can benefit from a little lip liner, though it is well-known that lining your lips runs the danger of creating an outdated, overdrawn and unblended pout. Nevertheless, it is time to stop shying away from lip liner for fear it may leave you looking old fashioned. Here are some ways to make lip liner work for you.

Nude: the shaping liner

Why use a lip liner that matches your skintone? Flesh toned liners can help shape your lips before lip products are applied by filling in parts of the lip area to match your face. This is a great technique to help you achieve dramatic looks such as a cupid’s bow shape, and it also works wonders for reshaping uneven lips. This is especially important when you finish your lips with a sheer lipstick or gloss that wouldn’t so easily mask the obvious characteristics of uneven or shapeless lips.

Matched: the sharpening liner

When you are on the go, you don’t have time to fumble with a lip brush to get those sharp artist-esque lines every time you decide on a reapplication. Save energy by lining your lips first with a liner that matches as close as possible with your lipstick. With the right tool, you can create a crisp, creamy outline for your lips that only requires to be filled in with a smudge of lipstick. The center of your lip shade wears the fastest throughout the day while your liner is likely to stay put. Hence, you can enjoy faster touch-ups that can be done with a swipe of lipstick with no edge lining drama.

Dark: the contour liner

Dark lip liner doesn’t have the greatest reputation, but a well-blended choice can work wonders for those who wish for fuller lips. Try lining lips in a dark shade and filling in with a creamy lipstick in a lighter shade. Using a lip brush, blend the shades together where they meet and you have an ombre result that looks fantastic. If you don’t want the effect to be too bold, keep the shades in the same color family to make the effect more subtle.

Rose: the setting liner

If your lipstick has a shiny finish or moisture-rich formula, then you need a liner in your lip tone to help keep your lipstick within its boundary. Moisturizing, glossy lipsticks tend to bleed more than their matte counterparts so to keep the color from migrating, use a natural, rose-toned pencil to line your lips, then dab concealer all around your mouth and set it with loose finishing powder before applying lipstick.

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