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Latino trainers graced the Gym Team Friday Zumba
October 1, 2016, 8:29 pm

Latin trainers from Peru and Colombia graced the Friday morning Zumba class organized by The Gym Team. Tessy Cabrera and Alexander Romero with Mynnah Digdigan from Philippines took the attendees to an hour and half of pure energy Zumba workouts at the Chai Al Dhaha Ballet Studio of the Radisson Blu hotel.

In an hour and half workout, Cabrera from Peru showcased different dance styles and routines and accompanied by contemporary and Latin music. The crowd howled and cheered as Cabrera got everyone on the floor with power packed traditional Brazilian samba.

“It was so such an experience to be on that floor with quick hip moves to match the instructor’s energy,” commented Winea Siddque.

Cabrera’s routines were quickly followed by Romero’s high energy sets of workouts. ”Romero is one great trainer everyone always looks forward to attend. He is one of Gym Team fitness mentors’ favorites and members always ask for more when he steps on that stage. Digdigan took the last part of the class with great sets of workouts. “Digdigan is a remarkable trainer, she is inspirational not only because she completely transformed her body from being rounder to an ideal physique. She is a professional dancer and very positive trainer,” commented Nympha Roces.

The Gym Team also announced its forthcoming charity project 'Back to 90’s', a Zumba master class which will be held on the 28 October at the Failaka hall of the Radisson Blu Hotel under the patronage of Ida Pellaud, spouse of Philippe Pellaud, General Manager of the Radisson Blu hotel Kuwait. Beneficiary of the event is currently being arranged and will be announced soon. A Christmas part will also be arranged for its members and mentors to end the year.  

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