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Latest Ramadan fashion trends for women
June 15, 2014, 12:42 pm

With Ramadan just around the corner, it’s time to think about dressing up to the occasion in clothing that is suitable and yet still in the height of fashion. Colourful kaftans, embellished abayas, and uniquely designed cover-ups made with different prints and patterns, to match your every mood and every occasion. Here, we sum up the hottest trends and the designers behind the vibrant creations.

OTT: OTT is designed for those funky fabulous women who know about fashion and want to have fun with it. Playful kitch pieces, with a high dosage of flash and all things over the top is exactly the brand’s motto.

Shweta Wahi: Fixated on a career in Art and Fashion, Shweta was fifteen when she completed a course in Fashion Illustration from The Design Academy in Knowledge Village, Dubai, after which she completed short courses in Fashion Styling (photography) and Art & Design from Central Saint Martins, London.

Nadine Zeni:  Lebanese based fashion designer Nadine Zeni launched her ready to wear label in Beirut in 2010. The brand is feminine sophisticated with an edge that caters to women who enjoy accessible glamour.

The Ahlis: Set up by two Emarati sisters, Hessa and Noora Ahli, the brand is inspired by vintage glamour and modern trends. The sisters took fashion courses at London collage of Fashion and described their designs as simple yet sophisticated.

Anaya: Launched in Dubai in 2010 by designer Chathuri Samaraweera who stays true to her eastern heritage while infusing contemporary elements to her designs. The word “Anaya” means completely free in Sanskrit which is what her line portrays.

L’Posh: The local born brand features a selection of traditional abayas, finished off with various stones, sequins, hand embroidered patches and feathers to create a unique twist on traditional clothing. Always trying to stay on trend, L’Posh manages to maintain a balance of the fashionable and the conservative. The designer, Emirati Raja Falaknaz, also owns a candy store in Dubai under the same label.

F9oo9: The homegrown brand communicates local ideas in unique and interesting ways. The brand's designer, Hessa Fulad, an E-Business Management graduate from Dubai Women's College, describes the F9oo9 as a creative character, where each drawing represents the UAE identity. These drawings are printed on items such as tshirts, mugs and notebooks, and include themes around Eid-al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr, National Day, weddings, graduation etc.

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