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Lash tips
July 20, 2014, 3:41 pm

Out of liquid liner? Create your usual, seamless feline flick by swiping an angled brush along your mascara wand and apply the product to your lids like magic.

If your conventional curler is not working, use your blow drier to warm it up. Test the temperature on the back of your hand to ensure it has cooled a little (to avoid burns) and curl. It works the same as your hair curler.

Hit refresh on your regular technique by bending the brush of your mascara wand so it’s horizontal. You’ll be able to get those whispy hairs in the corners of your eyes, minus the smudge!

Down to your last precious lick of mascara? You can sit the tube in a cup of hot water to loosen up the product. It allows you to easily scrape the edges, and get your money’s worth!

Va-va volume is achievable, even without a volumising mascara or falsies. Simply dust a bit of talcum powder along your top lashes, between your first and second coat, to amp up that thickness.

If you’ve got darker hair, you can use your mascara for a DIY regrowth fix. Simply apply mascara to your roots, and brush your hair as normal to help blend the colour (you may need to tidy up your scalp in your part with a cotton tip).

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