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Large audience attends festive Maurya Kala Parisars 20th Anniversary celebrations
January 16, 2016, 5:12 pm

Maurya Kala Parisar organized a jubilant show for their 20th Anniversary celebration on Friday, 15 January with Anand Kumar of the Super 30 fame as the Chief Guest. Indian Ambassador to Kuwait H.E. Sunil Jain inaugurated the event and commented that it was the first time such a large crowd was seen at the Embassy. 

Anand Kumar, Founder and Head of ‘Ramanujan School of Mathematics’ and ‘Super30’ at Patna, selects 30 meritorious talents from among the economically backward sections of the society and shapes them for India's most prestigious institutions – the Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs). During 2003-2014, 308 out of 360 students from the school made it to IIT. Time Magazine has selected mathematician Anand Kumar's school - Super 30 - in the list of Best of Asia 2010.

A major highlight of the evening was the highly enjoyable Maurya Manch - entertainment program presented by Maurya Kala Parisar family. As Mr. Kumar quipped, “A treat to watch, can’t believe not presented by professionals. I’m surprised and thrilled people away from their land of birth are able to maintain and spread their culture.”

A variety of stage performances were included in the program, particularly worth mentioning was the representation of the 1942 Quit India movement with performers representing the heroes ‘Sahid Smarak at Patna’ to the song 'Kar chale ham fida', dances by kids on a medley of songs like 'Aao Bachon tumhen dikhayein', 'mohe panghat pe', 'Tukur Tukur' and 'Sorry Sorry', which was followed by energetic dances by ladies on ‘koi sehri babu’ and 'o meri Jethani'. Two hilarious items were ‘Comedy Dance’ and a skit called ‘Samman Ka Man’, in addition to a number of foot-tapping songs, gazals such as 'ye ratein ye mausham',  'aapko dekh kar dekhata reh gaya', 'Main Hosh mein tha ' and 'Ya Ali' and a Bhojpuri song 'bagalwali jan mareli'.

Students and parents surrounded Mr. Kumar to get a selfie with him. The famed teacher spoke about his work in the first session of the event and later, conducted a session on teaching mathematics just to motivate students. In his interactions with the audience, he posed some questions to the enthusiastic students and requested the answers. He added that students should enjoy mathematics, make it passion and should persevere for the right answers. Furthermore, he advised them to learn to solve the problems intelligently, demonstrating with examples.

The General Secretary Abhay Kumar Kashyap proposed vote of thanks. He praised Divya Ritwik’s tireless work as the reason for making the stage events possible and perfecting each item. Santosh Raj who has decided to leave Kuwait to pursue a career in performing arts in India put all his skills in producing as many as six items of the event. Sabir Ansari , Mohd Zafar, Vivek Sinha and Nitin Prabhakar co-ordinated audio video and back stage. Sujata Kashyap, Divya Ritwik, and Afroz Alam, compared the show with their interesting script.

Intense support came from Pratima Ritwik, Sujata Kashyap, Mridul Kishor, Uday Prakash, Bushra Ansari, Neelika Khan, Asha Mishra, Tanushri Sinha, Afsar Alam Khan, Devesh Kumar, Nitin Prabhakar, Pallavi & Neeraj Kumar, Prabhunath Sah, Neeraj Ranjan and executive committee members including Abhay Kashyap, Mohd. Mahtabuzzaman, Neetu Sinha, Nivedita Sinha, Ramesh Kumar, Sayed Shabih, Shahnawaz Baig,. Advisory committee members like S. Ritwik, Shailesh Mishra, and Shakir Raza Khan provided much needed morale for this mega event.

Stage performers made months of intense preparations to present one of the finest shows by non-professional ever in Kuwait. The star participants of the evening were: Sarswati Vandana: Shweta Shruti; Prayer Dance: Kahish Maheswari, Chahek Bansal ,  Swayam Birla,  Ashtha Bhardwaj,  Avika Sinha,  Shubhangi, Sanjeevani Rai [Choreographed by Santosh Raj]; Sahaeed Smarak: Afsar Alam Khan,  Ahsan Alam Khan,  Mohammad Mahtabuzzaman, Sayed Shabih,  Neeraj Kumar,  Vivek Sinha, Sujeet Sinha,  Neeraj Kumar, Ramesh Kumar, Abhay Kashyap, Rakesh Mishra [Choreographed by Santosh Raj]; Action Song: Kahish Maheswari, Chahek Bansal, Swayam Birla, Ashtha Bhardwaj, Fahad Raza Khan, , Shahana Afroz,  Shahzaib Hussain Ansari, Shubhangi Rai & Sanjeevani Rai; Avika Sinha, Avani Sinha [Choreographed by Santosh Raj]; Dance: Abhigyan Kishore, Aman Srivastava, Anoop Srivastava, Eshita Srivastava, Juhi Kamlesh Bhai Rana, Agastya Bhaskar, Bhavya Shweta Mrinal, Samar Bhardwaj, Parijat Joshi, Priya Joshi, Daksha Mrinal [Choreographed by Hinal Srivastava]; Skit: Pinky & Sujeet Sinha; Ladies Dance: Shweta Shruti, Shruti Katiyar, Nivedita Sinha, Nitu Sinha, Rakhi Kumar, Supriya Singh; Songs & Ghazal: Radhika Mishra, Shweta Shruti, Rakesh Mishra; Devrani-Jethani Dance: Pratima Ritwik,  Divya Ritwik &  Madhu Kumar; Comedy Dance: Santosh Raj, Rakesh Mishra, Afsar Khan, Ahsan Alam Khan, Vivek Sinha,  Sujeet Sinha,  Neeraj Kumar, Mohammad Mahtabuzzaman,  Sayed Shabih, Ramesh Kumar Finale: Kashish Maheshwari,  Chahek Bansal, Swayam Birla, Ashtha Bhardwaj, Fahad Raza Khan, Shahzaib Hussain Ansari, Shahana Afroz,  Shubhnagi Rai, Sanjeevani Rai [Choreographed by Santosh Raj].

Maurya children Mohammad Shaheryar Arshad, Iram Khan Mohd. Shazaib hussain Ansari, Rudrakshi Rai Ammar khan, Shubhangi Rai, Shahana Afroz were awarded for achievement in Academics and Extra Curricular Activities.  MKP founder members were felicitated with plaques presented by Chief Guest Mr. Anand Kumar. They included Mr. S. Ritwik & Mrs. Pratima Ritwik, Mr. Varun Sinha and Mrs. Chanchal Sinha, Capt. Kamlesh Kumar and Mrs. Alka Kumar, Mr. Ashok Kumar Singh & Mrs. Renu Singh, Mr. & Mrs. Saiyad Huda, Mr. Mohamad Nayeem & Mrs. Sabiha Nayeem, Mr. BB Singh & Mrs. Shanti Singh, Mr. & Mrs S. M. Arshad Wali, Mr. Shailesh Mishra & Mrs. Asha Mishra, Mr. Ujwal Ritwik & Mrs. Divya Ritwik.

The program was brought with the support of M/s Ethical Consultants, LIC International, Health Planet, Panmedica, Caesar’s Travels, Caesar’s Restaurant, Ajwan Trading, Raja Trading, Rezayat Trading, Napesco, Gulf SPIC, SAH International and Prism Media.

Maurya Kala Parisar registered with Embassy of India in Kuwait, is a cultural and social association of people in Kuwait connected to the Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand. It is dedicated to promote arts, culture and heritage of the region through events and activities of interest to Indian Community in Kuwait.

In the last 20 years, Maurya Kala Parisar has strived to bring glimpses of region’s history and culture both ancient and modern. It is a challenge to do it while maintaining the fun quotient.

From the last few years it has been conducting successful events like Ethnic Food Festival for all families from Indian Community, Dinkar Poetry Awards and Mind Spark Dr. Rajendra Prasad Memorial Debate for students from Indian Schools.

It has also taken up social causes like donations for Koshi Flood Relief and has worked closely with the Indian Embassy in Kuwait to help any migrant in distress from the region.


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