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Landmark Group holds 20th anniversary raffle draw
November 27, 2016, 10:38 am

Landmark Group, the region’s leading retail and hospitality conglomerate, held its 20th anniversary raffle draw on Thursday 17 November at The Avenues .

The exciting draw event welcomed hundreds of shoppers who were eager to be one of the lucky raffle draw winners.

The special promotion campaign that was launched from 25 October to 13 November 2016 recorded a huge success, with over 200,000 participants entering the draw.

Fun games and activities were held for families and kids while free giveaways were distributed to the audiences.

Celebrating the campaign’s success, Saibal Basu, Chief Operating Officer, Landmark Group Kuwait said: “We are extremely proud that many of our loyal customers came to join us for our 20th anniversary at The Avenues. This is a major milestone for us and we are pleased to share this moment with our customers and the wider public in Kuwait. Operating in Kuwait since 1996, we aim to continue growing with our customers and present them with the latest range pf products and the best customer service.”

One of the lucky Winners said: "I was thrilled to receive a call from Landmark office informing me that I had won the Grand Prize. I have been a customer of Landmark for 12 Years. I hold Shukran card and I am very satisfied with their brands, products and services they provide."

Over the years Landmark Group has successfully grown into one of the largest and most successful retail organizations in the Middle East and India.

Today, the Group operates close to 2,400 stores in over 20 countries, encompassing a wide range of diverse retail and hospitality concepts.

The best measure of this success is the 15 million plus Shukran Loyalty Members across the Middle East who choose Landmark brands as their preferred shopping destination. In Kuwait, Landmark Group has a wide network of brands including – Centrepoint, Babyshop, Splash, Shoe Mart, Lifestyle, Iconic, Max, Home Centre, Shoexpress, Paprika, Bossini, and franchise brands like New Look, YOURS London, Dumond, Steve Madden, Aerosoles, Pablosky  and  Carpisa.  

The Group also has a host of hospitality brands like Fitness First, Zafran, Max Restaurant, Centrepoint Cafes and Fun City.

 Enjoying unparalleled customer acceptance, Landmark Group in Kuwait is poised for phenomenal growth in the coming years.

The 20 lucky winners are:

  • Mohammed Mahmoud Hassoun  (41336 )
  • Alfia Naik (95219)
  • Hamza Mohammed (49629 )
  • Wasming Hawton (276200 )
  • Mossa Al-Otaibi (55974 )
  • Azari Abrahim  (71017)
  • Sultan Hassan (136513)
  • Hassan Habib(255680)
  • Fahed Khalid(111113)
  • Ahmed Qasem(236162)
  • Zahra Mohammed(193459)
  • Reem Mubarak(33637)
  • Sjimaa Al Omairy(221033)
  • Jammel M Lauriteo (81054)
  • Assma Gabrell (99856)
  • Fatima Amer(60589)
  • Amera Essa(161114)
  • John Tomas(195701)
  • Nashwa Wagdy(193817)
  • Khadiga Ali(20289)

Kindly Contact Landmark Group Office to Collect Your Prizes. Tel: 22909909

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