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Landmark Group becomes the first company in the Middle East to adopt Facebook at Work
August 7, 2016, 3:02 pm

Landmark Group, the Middle East–based retail and hospitality conglomerate, launched Facebook at Work to 10,000 employees across 11 countries. The move is expected to encourage collaboration and help employees communicate more efficiently in real-time, using rich, two-way communication.

Facebook at Work allows Landmark employees to connect easily with each other across departments and geographies, both from their desktop computers and from their mobile devices, using best-in-class Android and iPhone apps.

“Facebook at Work is a simple way for colleagues to communicate and share across time zones and global offices,” said Julien Codorniou, director, Facebook at Work. “We’re excited for Landmark to realize the benefits of Facebook at Work, with increased productivity and collaboration across 10,000 employees in 11 countries.”

Vipen Sethi, CEO, Landmark Group shared, “We are pleased to announce that Landmark Group has chosen Facebook at Work to connect Landmarkers across the Middle East and India. For a large and diverse company like ours, Facebook at Work is an ideal solution for our employees to connect and collaborate faster and more efficiently across teams and regions”.

The decision to select Facebook at Work as the Group’s official internal collaboration platform and team communication and collaboration tool was influenced by several factors. One important consideration was that employees were already familiar with Facebook, and use it in their everyday lives. This meant that adopting the enterprise version would require little or no training. Key features of Facebook at Work include Instant Messaging, Groups, News Feed, free HD video & audio calling, Search, Events and Polls – all of which can be used by Landmarkers to improve the quality and speed of their day-to-day interactions and team efforts with colleagues.

Savitar Jagtiani, Business Head E-Commerce, Landmark Group said, “Facebook at Work allows our colleagues to connect, collaborate and engage in real-time, across geographies and makes us a dramatically more dynamic organization. We are also the world’s first major retailer to do so, and believe the greater interconnectedness will only drive our efforts forward. This is the enterprise collaboration platform we’ve been looking for”.

Facebook at Work was piloted in the organisation for over six months, and during this time the Landmark team created and refined an administrative strategy to ensure that the platform serves the company’s user and business goals.

Employees’ personal and professional profiles at Facebook at Work are kept completely separate, with dedicated mobile apps for “Work” and “Work Chat”. The data shared on Facebook at Work is accessible only to the eligible members of the Landmark community. HR management systems were also integrated to ensure that the on-boarding of new joinees is a seamless process.

Based on the rapid acceptance and positive feedback from the Group’s employee base, Facebook at Work is quickly becoming an important platform for greater productivity and better team communication across the board.

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