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Ladylike trend
March 31, 2014, 12:51 pm

The return to ladylike chic in fashion means a return to A-line skirts, button-down blouses, peplums, and three-inch pointy toe heels. Here is how you can look fashionably refined this summer wearing the ladylike trend.

Don’t overdo it: Instead of wearing this trend head to toe, make it effortless. Combine a beautiful motif floral shirt with a great leather pencil skirt. Or pair a lightweight accordion pleated skirt in a pale color with a simple t-shirt. Try to invent a kitsch sense of style with a modern flair by adding your own personal style touches.

Vintage style: A smart way to wear this trend is shop second-hand and vintage. But try to avoid looking like you time travelled from the 50s by purchasing good quality second hand clothing and combining them with modern clothing. If you want to wear that romantic, flowing 50s-inspired dress to an event, simply make it appropriate by wearing some more modern pieces like trendy opaque tights, a moto jacket and stackable rings.

Make hair and makeup complementary: Your makeup should be simple and sophisticated. A classic with a modern polished twist for hair and minimal makeup with defined brows. Wear a bold red lip colour with red nail polish to match.
Toughen up: If soft and feminine lace or silk chiffon pieces are giving you a saccharine headache, try a tougher pastel piece, like a lemon yellow leather motorcycle jacket or a pastel panelled sport jacket could be your most flattering choice. Or simply pair your favorite pair of slim-cut pants with a menswear-inspired silk button-up in a pastel range.

Baby steps: Slide gently into the trend by introducing some bits here and there. For example, choose a blouse with a light pastel pattern, like a darling powder blue and beige garment. Or consider playful color-block garments such as dresses and skirts where shades of pale blue and yellow merge together.

Frothy accessories: Usher pastels into your wardrobe with a bitter lemon satchel or a lilac shoulder bag. Opt for colorful shoes this summer, with a dusty pink ballet flats or soft yellow peep toe sandals. Bring some colour to your face with thick-rimmed retro shades, in charming, brilliant colours like pistachio and melon hued sunglasses.

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