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La Grande FĂȘte Française 2017 at ICSK Senior
January 16, 2017, 2:59 pm

On 5 January, the French Club members of The Indian Community School (ICSK) - Senior Branch organized ‘The French Food Festival’ - (‘La Fête de la Gastronomie Française’) along with a Garage Sale (Les Soldes). Students prepared all the items for this fete that was organized with the sole purpose of donating the proceeds to charity.

The fête saw lip smacking French cuisine like Crêpes sucrées et salées, Mousse au chocolat, Croque Monsieur, Soupe d’ognion, Soupe du poulet, Gâteau au chocolat, Gâteau du Banane and more. It was an exciting event where hundreds of students purchased and savored the French food prepared by the students. More than seven teams participated in this food fiesta which gave them an opportunity to showcase their culinary skills.

Les Soldes (garage sale) saw the sale of handmade cards, terracotta & quilled earrings, printed jute bags, portraits of famous personalities, French music CDs and more.

The planning for this event started one month in advance and more than 50 students worked hard to make this fête a resounding success. The students also benefited from the opportunity to learn the secrets of the business world by trading these goods. It also helped in their personality development and instilled in them a feeling of team spirit.

The aim of this fête was to create awareness among the ICSK students about the necessity of helping people in need and give to charity. With the support of the Principal, parents and teachers, the French Festival was a grand success.

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