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LKG tiny tots receive grand welcome in ICSK Amman
April 10, 2017, 5:43 pm

The new batch of LKG students of Indian Community School Kuwait (ICSK) Amman started on 9 April, and was an unforgettable day for the new students. They enjoyed a fun-filled day along with their parents on the first day of their schooling. The RJs of Radio Amman held spot games for the children and gave the winners amazing prizes.

The students who blossomed under the teachers’ guidance since LKG performed a fusion dance. The newcomers were also given a chance to perform a dance on stage. 

Principal Rajesh Nair. C and Pre-Primary supervisor  Julie Anthony led the orientation that was given to the parents, where the care to be taken in the early ages and about the routine of the school was explained.

Parents and teachers play an active role in a child’s education, and all the parents along with their children were guided to their respective classrooms to collect the I.D. cards and books. Each child left the school with lot of gifts.

The friendly environment brightened up the students, who beamed with happiness on seeing the colorful classrooms and later, they took home the chocolates and gifts.

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