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LG’s neckset that doubles as a wearable speaker
January 9, 2017, 5:46 pm

South Korean electronics giant LG is apparently not much into surprises at this year’s CES. Much prior to the show, the company announced a number of the devices it planned to debut at CES, including a bunch of smartphones, monitors, wearable speakers and also a levitating speaker.

Among the several products that the company launched was its collar-like wearable wireless speaker that also includes in-ear buds. The sonorous neck horseshoe connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and contains what LG terms, “wearable speakers capable of delivering 3D surround sound” when the attached ear-buds are safely ensconced in the ear.

The headset features four speakers in total, spread across its mass, including two full range ones and two downward facing low-range sub-like speakers that probably deliver some thumping base to your collar bones. Also the sound was tuned in partnership with the folks at DTS, which is one of those companies that deliver the sound for blockbuster movies. There is also a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) on board for both headset and speaker. It also vibrates to alert you of things like calls and texts on your connected device. So it is sort of like a smartwatch for your clavicle.

The PJ9 levitating speaker is not the first Bluetooth speaker to combine music playing with floating, a number of companies have already given this odd space a go.

With the PJ9, you get 360-degree sound emanating from a ‘turbine blade-inspired design’. The subwoofer is built into what looks to be a fairly large base station, which also houses the electromagnets for the aforementioned levitation.

The speaker is IPX7 water resistant and features a battery that promises 19 hours on a charge. Perhaps best of all, when the charge runs low, the speaker slowly descends onto the base station and fills its own battery back-up.

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