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LFK achieves outstanding results on French national diploma GCSE
February 14, 2018, 1:05 pm

The French School of Kuwait (LFK) announced an achievement of 95% success in the French General Certificate Secondary Education, well known for its demand on academic performance. The 85 percent of candidates received an honorable mention or very honorable results.

The Graduation ceremony, held at the Kuwait French School on 11 February, was attended by the students, their families and teachers. The Ambassador of France to Kuwait H.E. Marie Masdupuy and the advisor to the ambassador for cooperation and cultural affairs Cedric Devais were honored in the school with their presence at the ceremony.

The Principal Gérard Lahourcade and Deputy Head  Pascale Chelala congratulated the students and their teachers for their performance. Mona AL Khaled and Dr. Fahed AL Rashed, owners of the French school of Kuwait, extended their congratulations to the school team for this achievement towards a high standard of education.

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