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Kuwaitis must learn to deal with the past
February 21, 2016, 5:19 pm

The French Institute along with the French Embassy and French Research Center in Kuwait held a discussion on the topic, Free Kuwait, 25 years later’. Several scholars and invitees attended the open discussion and exchanged their viewpoints on the aftereffects of the invasion as well as the impacts. Among the speakers were, Mohammed Al Fili, professor of Law, Kuwait University, Dr. Mohammed Al Wahab, Professor of Philosophy, Kuwait University, Dr. Faisal Al Fuhaid, Founder Cross Cultural Diwaniya, Dr. Michel Mouton, Director of French Research Center in Kuwait.

The speakers discussed how Kuwait has been affected by the invasion and how the country has coped since. In fact the invasion brought about increased unity among the people of Kuwait and increased nationalism in the country, they said. The general consensus was that Kuwaitis should deal with their problems and situations and not try to live in denial of their past.

Even though the invasion was a black dot in the history of Kuwait the future holds promise and optimism. Dr. Fuhaid stated that he held the Diwaniya to see things from different angles and to get different opinions from all perspectives and to see ways to make Kuwait united in the development of the youth.

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