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Kuwaiti women conquer judiciary in '16 elections
November 22, 2016, 10:04 am

Following on political, economic and social achievements, the Kuwaiti woman is conquering the judiciary through heading and supervising 2016 parliament elections' committees.

Assigning 22 female prosecutors in 2015 had paved the way for such participation. The elections are slated for November 26.

The participation of female prosecutors in the electoral process is a law-based notion rather than its relation to gender, said Dr. Mohammad Al-Faili, professor of constitutional law at Kuwait University (KU), in statements to KUNA on Tuesday.

Women supervising the electoral process this year came to crown previous endeavors of woman empowerment demands in all fields, especially that judiciary law does not prevent women from becoming prosecutors, Al-Faili noted.

On his part, political sciences' professor at KU Dr. Hassan Jawhar said that having women prosecutors is the "sound implementation of the law, which clearly authorizes the public prosecution; as a neutral party, to supervise elections."

Jawhar told KUNA that the law did not specify the gender of who is to supervise the electoral process. "The Judicial Higher Council's decision to assign women in public prosecution might have come out of Kuwait's international commitments, but empowering women is a sheer Kuwaiti decision," he stressed.

Dr. Jawhar urged for further helping women overcome obstacles in this new experience.

Source: KUNA

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