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Kuwaiti woman throws tantrums over excess baggage at Geneva airport
September 9, 2018, 8:51 am

An unidentified Kuwaiti woman who was detained by the Swiss security authorities at the Geneva airport was released after the intervention of the Kuwaiti Consulate in Switzerland, reports Al-Rai daily.

This happened when the Kuwaiti woman was at airport preparing to return to home to Kuwait aboard the Emirates flight and she allegedly lost her composure when an employee at the check-in counter told her she has to pay for the excess baggage.

She continued arguing and began screaming at the top of her voice and refused to pay. At this point one of her two daughters tried to calm her down, but to everyone’s surprise she slapped the daughter in front of other passengers, airline staff and the security men.

When the Kuwaiti consulate in Geneva learned about the incident and explained to the security authorities that the woman who was slapped is her daughter, she was let go. An hour later, when she returned to the counter to try to catch the flight, the UAE crew refused to allow her to board.

Then she attempted to board the Qatar Airways, and here too her attempt was turned down. She then was allowed to board the Kuwait Airways flight after the consulate managed to secure three seats.

Source: Arab Times

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