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Kuwaiti team prepares application for floods' compensations claims
November 21, 2018, 8:38 am
Kuwait Finance Ministry Undersecretary Saleh Al-Sarawi

Kuwait Finance Ministry Undersecretary Saleh Al­Sarawi said Tuesday a government team was preparing applications for people demanding compensations for damages they sustained from recent heavy rainfall and floods.

Al­Sarawi, who is heading the government's compensation team, told Kuwait TV applications were prepared ahead of announcing timings of receiving claims, which would be at headquarters of Kuwait compensation authority in Shamiya Area.

The government formed yesterday a team, chaired by Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al­Sabeeh, tasked renovating houses damaged by rainfall, and to provide suitable housing until completion of renovation.

The team will also determine who was responsible for damage caused by rainfall, capitalizing from experience gained from dealing with rainfall to prevent recurrence, how to gather the rain instead of wasting it, and preparing requests for compensations for the damage caused by the rain as of next week.

Source: KUNA

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