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Kuwaiti society focuses on clearing plastic waste
March 16, 2015, 5:06 pm

Kuwait Environment Protection Society's "green schools program" this year focuses on educating citizens and residents how to deal with plastic waste including collecting items and recycling.

Jenan Bahzad, in charge of the program, said on Monday that it had been launched with a workshop on spreading awareness and knowledge about ways to dispose of plastic waste, also known micro plastic, namely waste dumped in sea waters. Plastic waste constitutes 80 percent of discarded materials littering sea beds, said Bahzad. Aware of hazardous impact of the plastic waste, the society had organized a campaign to clean up Al-Watiah beach.

Participants collected 327 plastic bags within only 20 minutes!! she said, noting that the whole beach was cleaned up. Human health is indirectly affected with dumping of plastic items at sea, where the fish eat these items.

Bahzad indicated at special efforts and activities aimed at educating students about plastic contamination. She revealed that up to 267 marine creatures throughout the world have been hurt with this waste. Among the animals most affected with plastic contamination are turtles, birds and mammals.

The society has organized special educating workshops for the fourth consecutive year. 

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