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Kuwaiti skydivers set Guinness world record
December 31, 2018, 8:37 am

A trio of Kuwaiti army officers have broken a Guinness skydiving world record in Qatar for leaping 13,000 feet while carrying aloft a 63­square meter Kuwaiti flag.

Kuwaiti lieutenant colonels Fahad Al­Yaqoub, Salem Al­Mell and Nasser Al­Sabah have set a skydiving world record through this notable achievement, according to Guinness judge Ahmad Jabar.

Upon receiving his official Guinness World Record certificate, Al­Yaqoub expressed his elation over breaking a world record, saying what started as an ambitious idea morphed into a huge accomplishment. Al­Mell echoed his compatriot's sentiments, attributing the accolade to the trio's diligence.

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