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Kuwaiti’s planning to travel abroad urged to respect law of host country
July 2, 2016, 9:16 am

Deputy Foreign Minister for Consulate Affairs Sami Al-Hamad urged for Kuwaitis who are planning to spend summer vacation abroad to respect the law of the land wherever they go and ensure they do not mess with pubic properties in order to avoid legal procedures in those countries.

He affirmed that the ministry will take all necessary procedures against those who try to smear the image of the country abroad, adding that the procedures could also include banning such people from traveling by coordinating with the concerned authorities and seizing the passports of these individuals.

Al-Hamad explained that the government has confidence in the level of awareness and cultural orientation in the citizens. However, some people seem to be anti-establishment when they travel abroad.  This is the reason why the ministry has made it an annual ritual to offer orientation and education to citizens before they travel.

Regarding countries that are currently facing wars, disasters and security problems, he said the ministry cannot prevent anyone from traveling to the countries of their choice but can only offer counseling concerning the situation in those countries, adding that the ministry usually evaluates and studies the situation when the security situation of a country is very bad, after which it issues an official statement in the regard.

Al-Hamad assured that the ministry regularly updates security information about major countries of destination for Kuwaiti tourists. 

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