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Kuwaiti official underscores deep judicial coop. with Egypt
January 5, 2017, 8:53 am

Kuwait's visiting Minister of Justice and Minister of State for National Assembly Affairs Dr. Faleh Al-Aazb said on Wednesday that the Kuwaiti-Egyptian relations are deeply rooted particularly in at the level of judicial and legal coordination.

Minister Al-Aazb was speaking to KUNA as he emerged from a meeting with the chief of the Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court Abdelwahab Abdelrazzaq.

The minister added that he co-signed with the Egyptian Minister of Justice judge Hussam Abdelreheem, on Tuesday, an accord for judicial and legal cooperation, incorporating agreements that had been inked since 1977.

The official indicated that his visit was related to Kuwait's need for judges and counsellors noting that his country has heavily depended on Egypt to employ judges and legal personnel since its establishment as a modern state.
Al-Aazb turned to the issue of naming the Kuwaiti parliament as the National Assembly, noting that the house was given that name because "we considered the State of Kuwait as part of the Arab Nation, as first article of Kuwait Constitution stipulated."

For his part, justice Abdelrazzq indicated that he agreed with the Kuwaiti side on "next steps that would attain fruitful cooperation between the constitutional court, the Kuwaiti judiciary and the minister of justice."

He affirmed keenness on preserving the historic cooperation between the two countries' judiciaries, expressing deep respect to the Kuwaiti judges.

Source: KUNA

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