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Kuwaiti nat'l dies in US traffic accident - Ministry
December 2, 2018, 9:10 am

Higher Education Ministry on Saturday announced that Kuwait's national Saad Mishal Al­Saihan has passed away in a traffic accident in the Missouri State, US, where he was studing.

The ministry received the death news of Al­Saihan with great sorrow, Minister Hamed Al­Azmi said in a press statement. He prayed to Allah the Almighty to bless the soul of Al­Saihan with mercy in Paradise and bring solace to his family.

He stressed that the ministry, through the cultural attache, followed up the health condition of the other student who was also wounded in the same accident. The cultural attache informed the ministry that the student left hospital after his conditions had improved, the minister said.

Al­Azmi wished the safety to all Kuwaitis studying aboard, noting that the cultural attaches in all countries have spared no efforts in facilitating required measures, through coordination with the concerned bodies, in any emergency facing Kuwaitis abroad.

Source: KUNA

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