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Kuwaiti minister promises action amid deluge in Sabah Al-Ahmad
March 4, 2018, 8:45 am

The government is seeking to get to the bottom of deep puddles that residents of Sabah Al-Ahmad district have had to contend with, a Kuwaiti minister said on Saturday. The people in Sabah Al-Ahmad area have lodged complaints over putrid swamps caused by accumulated rainfall, Kuwait's Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Hussam Al-Roumi said during a survey visit to the town.

Al-Roumi, who was accompanied by a contingent of government officials, pointed out that a meeting would be held to address a problem that has plagued the city's inhabitants for quite some time.

He added that representatives of various government bodies have been tasked to get to the root of the problem, promising an effective and timely solution.
Meanwhile, Dr. Jenan Boushehri, who serves as Minster of State for Housing and Public Service, vowed to leave no stone unturned to remedy this environmental problem, saying the welfare of citizens is the government's core responsibility.

She spoke of a short-term strategy to erect pipes that would shift the swamp water away from homes and use it as part of an irrigation scheme to preserve green belt land around the country.

Lawmaker Al-Humaidi Al-Subaie, who joined in on the field visit to the area, said the problem was among other woes that call for a "convincing and serious solution." "We would like to thank all ministers and officials who were quick to act on this environmental dilemma," Al-Subaie noted. Turki Al-Osaimi, the head of a group of resident volunteers in the area, said he was content with the solutions proposed, saying he hoped the flood water will be used to buoy agricultural projects.

Source: KUNA


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