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Kuwaiti experts stress importance of promoting GCC military cooperation
May 17, 2016, 9:00 am

Two Kuwaiti experts underlined the significance of enhancing the unified GCC military cooperation to maintain stability and security of the region's countries, and face challenges facing them.
This came at the conclusion of a workshop organized by the Emirates Policy Center on "the change of US strategic assessment to the Middle East and its impact on the Gulf security", with the participation of 100 foreign and Gulf politicians and media dignitaries.

In a statement to KUNA, former GCC Secretary General Dr. Abdullah Beshara stressed the need to coordinate the unified joint action in order to maintain the Gulf security to be on the right track and in line with the recent developments.
As for economy and a decline in demand for Gulf oil, he said there is an exaggeration regarding the Gulf concern towards the global interest in shale oil, adding that the Gulf region will remain the big origin of energy and will not be affected by any competitive offers.

In a similar statement to KUNA, Dr. Saad Al-Ajmi, former Minister of Information, underlined the urgency of fostering GCC cooperation, calling for unifying policies of military and economic fields, and others to achieve the common goals.
He noted that "it is better for us to have common interests with the US, as it is a strategic partner and a superpower state across the globe."

The workshop had some axes which focused on the future of Gulf security in light of the change of the US strategic assessment to the Middle East, expected scenarios of the US assessment to the region in the two upcoming decades, and external and internal factors affecting in the US assessment in this regard.

Source: KUNA

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