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Kuwaiti environment body urges campers to be law-abiding
October 25, 2018, 9:04 am

Kuwait's Environment Protection Society has called on campers to respect environmental rules and regulations as they embark on their annual trip in the wilderness.

Kuwait's environment has become increasingly threatened by desertification, where natural and human causes have taken their toll on the biological productivity of dry lands, the society's secretary general Jenan Behzad said in a statement on Wednesday.

She explained that vegetation in Kuwait is scarce due to the impacts of climate change, urging campers to eschew all practices that are injurious to the environment. According to a number of experts, environmental violations in Kuwait have been on the rise, the official lamented, in addition to other factors such as waste and pollution that have put the environment at serious risk.

Citing a raft of stringent rules, including a new environment protection law, Behzad said that violators could face fines of up to KD 5,000 for any actions deemed detrimental to the environment.

Source: KUNA

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