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Kuwaiti designer partakes in FGI 2015 Trend presentation
November 22, 2014, 8:14 am
Kuwaiti designer partakes in FGI 2015 Trend presentation

Working her way through the international fashion industry, Kuwaiti designer Montaha Al-Ajeel was part of Fashion Group International Summer 2015 Trend Presentation.

Presenting her latest collection, Al-Ajeel expressed to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) her happiness for being part of this event, where she was able to display her latest creations among other fashion designers.

Wearing her Kuwaiti Flag badge, designer Al-Ajeel said that she has worked hard to reach this point of her career, and she is proud to raise Kuwait's name on such international arenas.

"Being part of this international gathering, makes me proud to illustrate the capability of Kuwaiti designers to be juxtaposed among other well-established names in the industry." Out of passion and creation, Al-Ajeel used different colors and fabrics that portray her creativity and middle eastern roots, as well as the incorporation of western icons such as the Mona Lisa and Audrey Hepburn. On her part, Evie Evangelou, the President and Global Chairman of Fashion 4 Development (F4D) which were part of the event, told KUNA that Al-Ajeel's collection has amazing potential, and described her as a "creative and talented" designer.

She was amazed by the workmanship and craftsmanship of the collection, and said that they are of quality.

"We are working hard to introduce her and her designs to the US market," she added. Yet, she stressed that if it is "too cultural it not's really acceptable." Therefore, her designs need to adapt to the market, Evangelou said.

The F4D, she said, work to preserve culture, and provide opportunities for up and coming designers. "With Al-Ajeel, we will be working to broaden her production," she concluded.

Evangelou founded F4D's global awareness campaign, and the First Ladies and Fashion 4 Development initiative, which were inspired by her exuberant career on the international arena of cultural diplomacy and international relations, specializing in entertainment, arts, fashion, beauty, travel, tourism and trade.
The Fashion Group International is a global, non-profit, professional organization with 5,000 members in the fashion industry including apparel, accessories, beauty and home.

The FGI mission is to be the pre-eminent authority on the business of fashion and design and to help its members become more effective in their careers.
To do this, FGI provides insights on major trends in person, online and in print; access to business professionals and a gateway to the influence fashion plays in the marketplace.

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