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Kuwaiti deputy FM upbeat about prospects of cancelling Schengen
March 26, 2018, 5:18 pm

The visiting Kuwait's Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah on Monday held lengthy and intensive talks with his Bulgarian counterpart Todor Stoyanov aimed at bolstering further the 55-year-old bilateral relations between the nation and the State of Kuwait.

He has also voiced optimism the Kuwaiti diplomatic efforts aimed at cancelling Schengen would be successful and fruitful. Speaking to KUNA following the meeting, Al-Jarallah expressed satisfaction at the outcome of the discussions saying he had "sensed from our friends in Bulgaria all concern and keenness on boosting the relations in various sectors." Al-Jarallah has noted the significance of his mission to the nation at a time Bulgaria is heading the European Union in first half of the current year, hoping Sofia will "respond to Kuwait's request to one of the mission's topics, which is of great significance; cancelling the Schengen visa for Kuwaiti citizens."

"We have made headways in this regard and we have sensed response from Bulgaria and the European Union via Bulgaria," he said, expressing hope there would speedy response to the request, "and we are optimistic to reach what we are aspiring to," he added.

Deputy Foreign Minister Al-Jarallah added that his talks with Stoyanov dealt with a host of issues related to the economic, business, energy, medical and educational sectors.

There are 22 accords that govern the bilateral relations between Bulgaria and the State of Kuwait, Al-Jarallah said, noting that 12 others would be inked during a scheduled visit to Kuwait by the Bulgarian premier in middle of April. "We view with great optimism the prospected further growth of the relations between Kuwait and Bulgaria and there will be meetings in preparation for the premier visit to Kuwait," he said.

On Gulf affairs namely Kuwait's mediation efforts among some of the GCC countries, Al-Jarallah said the Bulgarian officials expressed strong support for His Highness the Amir bids to heal the rifts.

For his part, Stoyanov said he was deeply pleased with Al-Jarallah's visit, during which there were follow-up talks on previously held official discussions. 

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