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Kuwaiti companies cover scholastic costs for kids of low-income families
October 8, 2016, 3:18 pm

Kuwaiti private companies and conglomerates, namely Al-Ghanim Industries, are covering teaching costs for thousands of children of cash-strapped families, depicting the deeply-engrained compassion for the needy among the citizens.

Al-Ghanim Industries Board Chairman, Qutaibi Yousef Al-Ghanim, affirmed in a statement necessity of aiding children of the low-income families and encourage parents to enroll their kids at schools to contribute to shaping up the country's future.

Al-Ghanim Industries, along with a number of other private companies, have been regularly granting financial aid to Kuwait Red Crescent Society, which in turn, arranges financial payments to these families to ensure that their children are registered at schools and colleges.

The Red Crescent's latest endeavor at this level was the campaign, "at-hum forsa" (give them a chance), where up to 13,000 children were registered as applicants for financial aid. So far, the KRCS has managed to pay scholastic teaching costs for 2,000 registered ones, said the society chairman, Dr. Hilal Al-Sayer, who held a meeting with Qutaibi Al-Ghanim, on Thursday, as part of the coordination for aiding the needy Kuwaiti juniors.

Such aid granted by the private sector, namely Al-Ghanim Industries, greatly contributes to covering scholastic costs for these citizens, he said. Kuwait is renowned among nations of the globe for aiding the needy at the local and external levels.

The KRCS, in addition to its local philanthropic efforts, is also involved in ongoing campaigns to relieve crises-stricken peoples abroad. The Kuwaiti relief aid has reached Syrian refugees, Iraqis and Yemenis, among other nations. 

Source: KUNA

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