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Kuwaiti citizens caught with false certificates to receive severe punishment
July 28, 2018, 3:57 pm

Since the issue of forged and fake certificates held by employees in top job positions was made public, investigations were launched in various fields to identify and punish culprits in a bid to curb corruption. The government has marked 50 suspects for investigation with the aim of uncovering the network that allowed people to obtain fake and bogus certificates. As a result of the investigation, the Criminal Court handed down a sentence of a five-year prison term to First Sergeant at the Ministry of Interior for forging a secondary school certificate from Bahrain. He was also sacked from the job and ordered to pay a refund of KD 233,000 with double the sum as a fine.

Culprits discovered to have fake certificate are liable to face a similar judgment if the verdict is upheld at the two upper courts- Court of Appeal and Court of Cassation.

A legal source revealed that the convicted Sergeant was charged for using the certificate that contained an attestation stamp as an official document. He said the culprit mislead the concerned staff to get the certificate attested at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, because he provided false information with reference to Kuwaiti Embassy in Bahrain.

He was also accused of obtaining the ‘amount to be refunded’ wrongly. This consequence faced by those caught with fake university degrees are severe with penalties running into millions, especially if they occupy senior official positions as was reported few days ago.

The investigations also discovered 20 female citizens with falsified certificates, most of them working in the legal field, who were referred to the Public Prosecution.

Others caught in criminal activities included a lawyer and a manager of a company, who were also referred to the prosecution for forging certificates. The sources mentioned that investigations may take a year because of the lengthy procedures and the need to conduct further searches and interrogation, as well as coordination between relevant authorities in Kuwait and abroad.

Sources revealed that the security authorities in Cairo arrested an Egyptian working in the Kuwaiti Cultural Office, who is being considered the mastermind in creating false certificates and selling them to Kuwaitis. An interrogation is expected to extract serious information on the people and processes involved in the case.

On the other hand, security sources said that the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in the Interior Ministry recently summoned 36 people to interrogate them on the fake certificates case.

Sources said all those who were summoned hold higher academic degrees obtained from Arab and Asian countries, including six people with a doctorate degree. Sources added the CID has completed an interrogation of seven citizens who will be referred to the prosecution next week for forging official documents and embezzling public funds.


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