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Kuwaiti artist presents history in new artistic ways
January 6, 2019, 9:17 am
Works by the Kuwaiti artist Iman Al-Shammari

Kuwaiti artist Eman Al­Shammari on Saturday stressed the importance of presenting history in new artistic ways through the use of educational curricula and technological methods such as artificial intelligence, collage art and color prediction.

Al­Shammari was speaking to KUNA on sidelines of her 'History in Colour Exhibition'", currently held at Katara Cultural Village. She said that this experiment depends on the technology of artificial intelligence in coloring the images and study the image historical details to provide old images in a modern way═ż the pictures seem to have been taken yesterday, she added.

She pointed out that the exhibition, which takes place from January 2 to 14, represents the first initiative of its kind, adding that it presents the Islamic and Arab history to the world in a series of art exhibitions, three of which ended in Kuwait, and pave the way for globalism in Katara Doha.

Al­Shammari said that she set up her first art exhibition in the Arab world in 1997 at College of Engineering & Petroleum in Kuwait University, where she revived the Arabic calligraphy by using technological techniques.

Al­Shammari is a Kuwaiti artist, writer, and poet. She is the first Arab woman to launch a humanitarian campaign to enter the Guinness Book, the first of its kind against racism, sectarianism and bullying.

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