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Kuwaiti Passionistas
February 27, 2015, 12:28 am
Haitham Alsarraf – an artifacts collector.

From the determined Kuwaiti artifacts collector, to the biker who has a huge collection of 350 bikes, to the calligraphy artist who weaves art through calligraphic words, or as for the passion of a recycling enthusiast, the passions of Kuwaitis know no bounds. Kuwaiti Passionistas collects the patterns and passions of some such Kuwaitis and their take on patriotism this National and Liberation Days. 

Holding onto the past
Haitham Alsarraf – an artifacts collector.
"I have lot of artifacts and collectibles like vintage classic cameras, old coins, old currency, watches, clocks, ink pens, old telephones, stamps and badges, glasses, a few photographs – all of it mostly from the time of pre-Iraqi-invasion. Over the years, these have filled my home."

"I think that whatever I have collected tremendously represents Kuwaitis' past. In a way, it also represents a niche of today's Kuwaitis holding onto the past; many having a liking for vintage collectibles, I am sure that the people who value them would buy these things from me and keep them as priced possessions."

"I feel people now are more selfish. I wish they could be like they were before."

Wheels of Time

Khaled Abueljebain – a 45-year old avid biker who also creates miniature bikes with anything he finds handy; be it a piece of wire or the dials of old watches, all things turn into bikes.

"I started biking in middle-school. It was around 1982-83 that I started with a Honda50 and my interest grew until I owned a Piaggio – an electric bike that can turn into a bicycle. Until 2001, there was nothing; that is when I actually bought my first bike. I work at the Public Institution for Social Security as a system engineer. I am responsible for managing the application at the administrative department."

"I am one of the heads of Kuwait Riders team – the second bikers' group in Kuwait. We are about 400 members now. My passion for bikes has grown over the past years; I own now five motorbikes of all categories – touring, on-road/off-road, cruisers, vespas and classics. In addition to that, I own a collection of 350 small-scale motorbikes that are established by Frank Clement Company, which has an amazing scale of the Harley Davidson bikes or the Hondas; they make the exact same size."

"The National and Liberation Days means a lot to me. National Day is our love to Kuwait and our love to this amazing country and I hope it remains the same. Liberation Day means to me also the world because I remember I was in Kuwait during the invasion.

When we heard the news of liberation, we were all over the place out of joy and happiness. We do not ride out bikes during these celebrations because it is extremely dangerous because most of the drivers are reckless and incautious at that time. It is preferred that we ride during these celebrations early-morning in the holidays."

"I advice each and every biker in Kuwait who does not wear a helmet that they would look really good if they are in a full setup gear for riding like helmets, gloves, jackets and stuff like that."



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