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Kuwaiti Olympic swimmer to compete in Rio despite ban
July 14, 2016, 11:57 am

In spite of the ban on Kuwait, the country’s first female Olympic swimmer Faye Sultan will participate at the Rio Olympics taking place next month.

The Kuwaiti Federation had reportedly contacted Sultan following her NCAA Championships in March, where she represented Williams College, to inform her that she had obtained permission to participate in the Rio Olympics, reported sports media.

However, the athlete will not represent Kuwait in the games. She will instead represent the IOC and march the Olympic flag.

Sultan became the first female to represent Kuwait in the swimming sector at the Olympics in 2012, where she qualified to swim the 50 free and did so in 27.92 seconds. This earned her 48th place of 73 competitors.

Kuwait has been banned from the Olympics for the second time in five years. The IOC banned the country due to its government’s constant interference in the Olympic movements and participation of Kuwaiti athletes.

The ban was imposed in October and is unlikely to be lifted before the Rio Olympics.

Sultan reportedly trained for her London race in 2012 by practicing in a pool meant to train children.

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