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Kuwaiti Hajj mission's medical services fully prepared - Official
August 27, 2017, 9:10 am

Kuwait's Hajj mission is fully prepared to provide topnotch medical services to its pilgrims, said a Kuwaiti official Saturday.

The delegation's team is currently distributing medicine and equipment to Kuwaiti Hajj groups in Makkah, head of the Kuwaiti delegation's medical services Mubarak Al-Ajmi told KUNA on Saturday.

Al-Ajmi, meanwhile, called on Kuwaiti missions to follow Saudi Arabia's health regulations for the safety of pilgrims.

On his part, head of Kuwait's Hajj delegation Khulaif Al-Othaina affirmed that Kuwaiti Hajj groups are strictly following the rules and regulations of the Hajj and Omra law.

The delegation is well concerned about the wellbeing of Kuwaiti pilgrims and it will exert all efforts to meet their needs, said Al-Othaina in a press statement during his tour among Kuwaiti Hajj groups.

He called on the group to abide by Saudi laws regarding Hajj to ensure a safe and trouble-free trip for the pilgrims.

Source: KUNA

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