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Kuwaiti, 2 Saudis to die for 2003 Riyadh bombing
March 7, 2014, 11:22 am
File photo shows rescuers sifting through the rubble of a compound in Riyadh that was demolished by a bomb in 2003.

A special criminal court in Riyadh sentenced two Saudis and a Kuwaiti to death Thursday for their involvement in the deadly terror attack at Al-Muhaya residential compound in eastern Riyadh in 2003.

They were also convicted of murdering several security men in two other attacks.

The first defendant was found to have conspired with the terrorists, who blew up the three residential complexes, by providing a hiding place to Khaled Al-Haj, the Yemeni commander of Al-Qaeda in the Kingdom at the time, who was later killed in 2004.

The court also found that the defendant had knowledge of the terror operation. He had also supplied a vehicle that was used in the operation. The two other suspects were associated with the murder of several security men. 

One of the defendants had opened fire at policemen during an armed confrontation at the Munisiyah neighborhood in eastern Riyadh, the judgment said.

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