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Kuwait voters say hot weather, fasting won''t stop them from balloting
July 27, 2013, 1:58 pm
A number of voters said Saturday hot weather temperature coinciding with Muslims' fasting month of Ramadhan would not stop them from heading to ballot stations to elect their candidates.
The voters, in separate statements to KUNA, said participating in National Assembly elections was a "national duty" on all voters.
Sadeq Dashti, a government employee who votes in the 3rd constituency, said participation in elections was important because they would restore trust of citizens in the essential legislative and supervisory role of the parliament.
He said he was taking part in elections for the 14th legislative term to contribute to the development of Kuwait through the election of the representative who would achieve national conciliation.
Bader Al-Zaid, a private sector employee, said the next parliament should be the house of achievements and development.
He wished future elections would not be held during summer especially during Ramadhan, where weather temperature could reach as high as 50 degrees.
Fatma Essa Abdullah, a mother, said she came to the ballot center to elect who she considered as the suitable candidate.
Zaina Abdullah Mohammad, a teacher, said voting was a "national duty and a constitutional right" for citizens.
Areej Jassem Mohammad, a female engineer in the public works ministry, said "we have a duty to preserve Kuwait and its security and work on its development by using our right to elect whoever we see suitable." Sabah Al-Shimmiri, a male retiree, said participation of voters reflected their desire to safeguard constitutional and democratic merits.
He said electing suitable candidates would create a solid parliament that would lead the march of reform.
Al-Shimmiri called for the improvement of the electoral process in order to facilitate voting.
Saud Al-Jaber, an accountant, said voters needed a true democracy which mean their participation in decision making and questioning their representatives.
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