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Kuwait urges vigorous Gulf economic bloc
November 7, 2018, 8:59 am

Kuwaiti Finance Minister Nayef Al­Hajraf said on Tuesday it is significant to fulfill the GCC leaders' goals by creating a robust economic bloc capable of emulating other global entities.

Addressing a GCC financial and economic committee meeting, Al­Hajraf said: "The world is the scene of swift economic developments and renewed challenges that ought to be addressed." He said such challenges could be conquered by means of developing uniform visions and promoting Gulf economic cooperation, and meeting the GCC leaders' expectations of economic integration.

"There are great responsibilities and grave challenges that require us to translate orientations into programs of action, rendering ambitions into tangible reality and harnessing energies and potentials to attain the aspired goals," the minister added.

He spoke highly of today's gathering as a platform for sharing views and offering positions in full clarity and transparency with a view to propping up Gulf economic cooperation.

The GCC meeting focuses on an array of issues and subjects bearing on the development of financial and economic policies in the region, contributing to beefing up existing cooperation and notching up economic integration, he noted.

Source: KUNA

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