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Kuwait universities are harbouring extremists, minister says
January 24, 2015, 11:21 am

Kuwait is planning to take legal action against several university lecturers and school teachers for allegedly preaching extremist religious views, the education minister has said, according to a local daily. Dr Bader Al Essa reportedly said some teachers were being closely monitored and the government was working to rid its educational institutions of the “cancer” and “stop the advance of sectarianism and extremism in our educational institutions.”

“Extremism is no longer confined only to the university campus but also to our schools through some teachers whose activities are being closely monitored,” he was quoted as saying. “Extremism is very much present in some colleges and legal action will be taken through legal channels against these educational institutions.”

Kuwait University’s Faculty of Sharia had been turned into a breeding ground for extremists, a local daily said it had been told by members of the university staff. The Students Union also was controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and had helped spread extremism on campus, it reported.

“The Faculty of Sharia is a mix of Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafist and other radical currents,” the newspaper quoted lawyer and writer Bassam Al Asousi as saying.

However, under Kuwaiti law government ministries do not have the power to fire a university or school staff member for having extremist views. The decision must be made by the institution’s council, which is made up of various staff and non-staff members. Al Essa said the government was reviewing its legal options, including changing the law.

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