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Kuwait toughens penalties for traffic violations
October 28, 2017, 4:22 pm

Kuwaiti authorities are to toughen penalties against road violations in their latest move to impose a safer driving culture in the country. Drivers caught using mobile or not wearing seat belts will have their cars impounded for two months. Under a decision announced by Interior Minister Sheikh Khalid Al Jarrah, all cars parked on sidewalks or in no-parking areas or blocking traffic will be towed away and kept by the authorities for two months.

A special traffic department in the Salmiya area of Kuwait City will be allocated to deal with drivers summoned by the traffic police after they are caught speeding by cameras. The offenders will also lose their cars for two month, the daily said. In its bid to address deficiencies and abuses on the roads, which have gained unwanted notoriety as chaotic and dangerous in the absence of an adequate driving culture and full compliance with rules and regulations, Kuwait has intensified awareness campaigns and made careless drivers face stiff penalties.

Officials have regularly warned there were clear instructions to adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards anyone breaking the law. While Kuwaiti nationals booked for breaking traffic rules were asked to pay fines and to lose the use of their cars for some time, foreigners were warned that they would be deported.

The crackdowns on non-Kuwaitis, included jumping red lights, reckless driving, using private vehicles to carry passengers illegally and driving without a proper license.

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