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Kuwait to sell $10 billion in international bonds early next year
November 8, 2016, 12:34 pm

Kuwait plans to offer KD 3 billion ($9.91 billion) in bonds to international investors early next year, Kuwait's Deputy Premier and Finance Minister Anas Al Saleh said on Tuesday.  The Finance Minister also told journalists that Kuwait's public debt stood at KD 2.967 billion on 19 October, while new domestic debt issues from 1 April to 19 October reached KD 1.38 billion.

Responding to a question on the date for issuing international bonds, Al Saleh said: "That will be at the beginning of next year, God willing. We have (previously) announced at the National Assembly that the issue will be worth around 3 billion dinars." He added that preparations with international banks were under way regarding the bond sale. He did not elaborate.

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