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Kuwait tells citizens to check phones before travelling to US
September 4, 2016, 8:52 am

Kuwait has advised citizens to make sure their phones contain no material that might be seen as being linked to Islamist militants before travelling to the United States, local media reported on Saturday, after three men were denied entry in July. State news agency KUNA quoted a statement by the Kuwaiti embassy in Washington as saying that authorities at “some US airports may check the contents of mobile phones or other smart mobile equipment”.

“The embassy of the State of Kuwait in Washington urged citizens to make sure that their phones do not contain any materials or photos of extremist nature, related to areas of conflict or terrorist organisations or footage of violence of all kinds before entering US territories,” KUNA said, citing a statement. “(This is) so that students and citizens may be spared questioning by authorities in US airports and to avoid any action against them that could result in cancelling their visas and banning them from entering US territories,” it added.

The Arabic language al-Rai newspaper reported in July that three businessmen were questioned for 21 hours at Los Angeles airport and had their telephones checked before they were turned back, in the second incident of its kind this year.

The embassy hoped the citizens complied with the regulations and measures conducted by the American airports’ besieged authorities.

Source: Arab Times

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