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Kuwait supports historic relations with India - Al-Jarallah
January 28, 2019, 8:28 am

Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al­Jarallah on Sunday lauded the strong historic bonds linking Kuwait and India. "Kuwait-­India relations are deeply ­rooted and date back to many decades when Kuwaiti merchants made trips to India to sell their commodities, which were a source of income to Kuwaiti people," Al­Jarallah told reporters on the sidelines of his participation in the Indian embassy's celebration of Republic Day. This participation shows eagerness in keeping these strong bonds with India, he added. 

He pointed out that Indians make up the largest expatriate community in Kuwait. "They are working with Kuwaitis to develop and upgrade Kuwait," Minister Al­ Jarallah said, and added that "We have great relations in all realms."

On the political level, he noted that the joint political coordination committee was meeting regularly and the officials of the two countries are paying reciprocal visits to Kuwait and India with an eye to take bilateral relations to new heights. He revealed that the officials of both countries were working to better regulate work contracts with Indian workers and Kuwait companies and to overcome any impediments in this regard.

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