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Kuwait studies online renewal of residence - Dependent-to-work at 21 eyed
November 28, 2017, 7:33 am

Director-General of the General Department of Residence Affairs, Major-General Talal Ma’arafi said the department is considering automatic renewal of residence permit for expatriates, reports Al-Rai daily.

The department is reportedly looking at offers submitted by several companies to run the project. Ma’arafi said the project aims to translate the directives of the State to develop work mechanisms based on e-government.

He added, the project will allow those on depend- ence residence who have reached the age of 21 to get a work permit provided the applicant meets the conditions. He pointed out the renewal of the residence permits of expatriates will be automated through the Ministry of Interior website.

However, the search is underway to find an alternative to the residence sticker. While the department is sifting through the offers submitted by certain parties, sources say, it will be a qualitative shift in the work of the Ministry of Interior.

Ma’arafi pointed out the project shall provide facilitations to the companies, encourage economic movement, reduce overcrowding at the ministry departments and will be less time consuming.

Ma’arafi revealed there is also a project to allow the Public Authority for Manpower to issue work permits to those who have reached the age of 21 and are on dependent visa (wife, sons and daughters), provided the parents continue to live as husband and wife and after checking the data of the company or the institution to which the expatriate wishes to transfer the residence permit.

On the issue of the case of a wife, in case if she is a divorcee, Ma’arafi said that she will not be allowed to transfer her visa to work permit. She will also be deported from the country in case her residence permit was not renewed.

As for granting dependence resi- dence to those over the age of 21, Ma’arafi said it is available only to students provided their age is commensurate with the years of study, otherwise they must transfer the visa to work permit.

Source: Arab Times

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