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Kuwait's policy for establishing peace basic in its political doctrine - Al-Ghanim
October 10, 2018, 8:50 am

Kuwait National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Ali Al­Ghanim affirmed on Tuesday that the stance by Kuwait, namely His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al­Ahmad Al­Jaber Al­Sabah, for helping neighboring countries and establishing regional security and peace constitutes basis of the Kuwaiti political doctrine.

The parliament speaker Al­Ghanim, addressing the third meeting of Eurasia countries, held in southern Turkish city of Antalya, expressed utter rejection of "all forms of economic wars and starvation policies."

Warning that deprivation leads to upheavals, the National Assembly Speaker expressed opposition to policies by powers aimed at starving some peoples, saying in an indicative tone, "Who wants to live near the deprived .. a volcano that may erupt any moment .." Speaker Al­Ghanim indicated that His Highness the Amir had been asked by some foreign visitors about wisdom of backing Iraq, a country that had invaded Kuwait, and His Highness had answered that Kuwait believes that helping neighbors attain prosperity and creating a regional atmosphere of stability, security and peace serve interests "of all (in the Gulf) and this is the political doctrine we advocate in Kuwait."

On Turkey's financial crisis, speaker of the Kuwaiti parliament said plots designed to cause "financial collapse" in Turkey are doomed to fail .. Turkey is not a banana republic, it is rather a state of history and traditions.

"Here lives creative people that aspire to live like any other people," he said, expressing confidence that the Turkish people and leadership would succeed in any overcoming any economic challenges.

Al­Ghanim affirmed Kuwait's open policy with the other Asian nations, saying in part, "We are meeting here today because there are, in both Asian and Europe, unemployment, inflation and over­population."

Listing other reasons for the inter­continental gathering, Al­Ghanim mentioned commercial issues, environmental problems namely "green houses" emissions, labor drain in rural regions, educational affairs, diseases and emerging epidemics.

Source: KUNA

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