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Kuwait's capital spending to reach $8.9 billion this year, up $1.8 billion
June 1, 2016, 4:12 pm

Capital spending in Kuwait is set to reach $8.9 billion, a rise of $1.8 million over the past year, according to reports. MP Adnan Abdulsamad, Kuwaiti head of the National Assembly budgets committee, said the arrangement of the 2016/17 budget had been changed and the distribution of expenditures had also been modified, Kuwait Times reported.

The committee has asked ministries and government departments to restructure their procedures of reviewing, awarding and implementing development contracts in a bid to cut expenditures.

MP Yousef Al Zalzalah called for the dismissal of senior officials who failed to perform their duties with regards to development projects. During the meeting, MP Saleh Ashour, head of the women’s affairs committee in the assembly, said a law would soon be issued to give priority for government jobs to children of Kuwaiti women married to expats after they receive citizenship.

The assembly’s priorities committee said the upcoming session would result in the approval of new laws including one that would stiffen penalties against violations of laws in the private sector.

Source: Arabian Business

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